Those of us waiting for impatiently for DJI’s next drone release need to pull up a chair. The company’s ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event has been postponed without much more than a boilerplate explanation of DJI wants the technology perfected. It’s hard to fault DJI here, no matter how badly we want the next generation Mavic Pro II. Or Mavic 2. Ok, probably both.

You can jump over to our rumor post for more details on what we can expect and features that are decidedly in the rumor category. Luckily, we have what is supposedly a picture of the Mavic 2 in living color and to say it has ramped the rumor mill is an understatement. It also pushes back on the rumor the Mavic Pro II has been in production since February. Not a chance if they are canceling a reveal event less than two weeks away.

First, the name. I called it. DJI wants to reclaim the ‘Pro’ nomenclature in the second generation. Smart move considering the Mavic Air outperforms the current Mavic Pro. The ability to have three SKUs in a generation will be a boon for the company.

Especially with the second feature shown in the image. A removable camera/gimbal assembly. That is decidedly Karma-esque. While we can see the two different cameras, it’s the gimbal we should focus our attention.

Yeah, that’s a lightning connector. An Apple lightning connector. Considering every company, except Apple, either uses USB-C or Micro-USB, the gimbal sporting lightning raises all sorts of questions. Namely, is Apple getting into the drone business? Nothing is floating around signals the tech giant is snapping up DJI, but consider me intrigued. Maybe a new partnership?

Other elements in the frame include an improved form factor. 360-degree obstacle avoidance looks like a lock for this generation, though the ‘quiet props’ are an interesting no-show. Could be the angle of the picture, but it could also mean DJI is content with including them later in the life cycle.

DJI Patents

Here’s where it gets fascinating. On July 3, DJI secured a patent for a product described as a ‘robot vehicle.’ While most patents are just companies securing intellectual property, take a look at the leaked Mavic 2. Notice something in the top left?

DJI Mavic 2 leak details

We aren’t the only ones seeing wheels. We don’t have the exact dimensions, but it’s not a stretch to compare the patent drawings with what we see in the leaked image. Is the Mavic 2 pulling double duty as both an aerial camera drone and a ground-based drone? It makes for a compelling use case. Especially if DJI markets it as a professional tool for videographers wanting a motion box effect without the constraints of a slider.

It’s damn interesting if DJI commits to this new direction. We have to wait and see, but the possibilities are endless. Sound off below. What do you think of the patent? Thoughts on the interchangeable camera/gimbal assembly? Here’s hoping DJI reschedules the event as soon as possible. Keep it locked here for the latest updates.

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