Almost. Let’s pretend we don’t see portrait mode on DJI’s one sheet for the Osmo Mobile. Hey, it’s buried to where you can barely see it as a feature. We’re so close to eradicating vertical videos DJI. Help us out.

The news out of IFA is the Osmo line is getting another sibling. Cheaper and using your phone as the camera. Can we all say the iPhone 7 Plus will have an upgraded camera now? Oh, and 256GB model leak/report/rumor? You’ll want that.

Owners of the current Osmo know the score. It’s a stabilized on a 3-axis gimbal, allowing for smoother filming. Many reviewers dismiss it as a B-roll camera, but DJI just upended the vlogging world. A smartphone with OIS and gimbaled stabilization? Say goodbye to the shaky cam.

The Osmo Mobile also makes room for more gear. Hey, we all have a touch of Gear Acquisition Syndrome. First, we admit the problem. Then we embrace it. Not 12-stepping new gear…

DJI Osmo Mobile Features

One giant feature that leaps out at you is the price. $299 for the unit – no, the phone isn’t included. Toss another $10 for the base to sit at your computer and ramble about whatever. A $409 package will get you the extension rod and tripod. Unless you want to hack your way to using your own tripod, you need the extension rod to use DJI’s tripod. Battery configuration is the reason behind the odd tripod setup.

DJI is undoubtedly targeting the vlogger.

She knows her way around editing. Practice and practice some more for those types of shots.

ActiveTrack is built into the new DJI GO app allowing the Osmo Mobile to keep you in the frame as you move around. Always wanted to capture a motion timelapse but didn’t have the gear? Your smartphone on the Osmo Mobile allows you to skip the expense and get to capturing,

With Facebook beating us over the head with video, the Osmo Mobile allows direct live streaming to both Facebook Live and YouTube. Well, at least CNN can grab footage from breaking news that is stabilized.

Osmo Mobile

The stabilization in the Osmo units allows for long exposure photography without a tripod. To a point. You can get a second exposure and retain the sharpness of the image. YMMV on that, but even a half a second is great without a weighted tripod.

The panorama feature included on the Osmo Plus, and Pro is slated for the future on the Osmo Mobile. Nine shots will be blended into one photo. Now I really have high hopes for smartphone camera tech. Apple, I’m counting on you. Your ‘Shot on an iPhone’ ads will be achievable by an everyday consumer.

Positioning for the shot is up to you. Standard (think landscape), underslung and portrait (please don’t) are options. DJI spies on me and knows I use my phone as a flashlight. Have at it with the Osmo Mobile. I’m not sure I’ll break out an Osmo to walk my dogs at midnight, but it’s nice to have the option.

And battery life. 4.5 hours with the new high capacity battery. And a custom charging port. Now I’m sad my Osmo 1.0 doesn’t have a charging port. It’s the peril of being an early adopter. You get to bemoan the fact you had it first, but the latecomers get the splashy features.

One not on the Osmo Mobile. It is an entirely separate product. You can’t toss your current zenmuse x3 Camera on the handle. I was hoping too, but the answer is a no.

The release is a bit murky. DJI has it shipping within 3-5 days. B&H has the product listed but not a ship time. Amazon? There’s not a product page up, but expect that to change.

DJI Cannibalizing?

While I love the idea of having the Osmo Mobile, it’s a risk for the company product lines. Smartphone cameras are already getting better. If the major players start offering optical zoom, it places the Osmo Plus in a precarious position. The Osmo Pro series is fine thanks to its pro-level features, but the Osmo Mobile is DJI covering a flank at the potential expense of the recently released Osmo Plus.

It’s something to watch and don’t be surprised if the Osmo Plus secures features which don’t exist on a phone. RAW support would be one or interchangeable lenses.

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