Now we know why the DJI Osmo has been enjoying the sale prices. There’s a new game in town, the DJI Osmo+. Before it was about the Zenmuse Z3 zoom lens for the Inspire and Matrice platforms.

That’s great, but considering the Osmo is essentially the Inspire 1’s camera put on a handle, a lot of us were left wondering when do we get a zoom option on the Osmo. Wonder no more. The Osmo+ offers nearly the same zoom function as the Z3, and it now occupies the same price range of its original cousin – $649.

The ‘nearly’ comment is important. The system allows for 3.5 optical zoom coupled with 2x lossless digital zoom. Here comes the caveat. Once you dip into the lossless digital zoom, you can only record in 1080p. 4K stops at 3.5x optical zoom. Still, not bad considering digital zoom isn’t always the greatest.

DJI Osmo+ Specs

Not much is changing from the Zenmuse Z3 minus the name change to X3 Zoom. Most of the changes happen under the hood in software and hardware. The focal length with the zoom ranges from 22mm to 77mm. I’d add a Z-axis if you plan on making zoom a part of your workload. Stabilization will be key, and if you’re not willing to go static with a tripod, the z-axis accessory will ease out the slight bob from the Osmo.

It shoots 4K at 30fps and 18080 can capture slow motion at 120fps. Stills are captured in RAW with the 12.4MP sensor. Since the inception of Osmo, DJI has accomplished a lot with the firmware.

The noisy fan is gone, and you can add a variety of sound and light accessories. New customers don’t have to rig a Rode VideoMicro on the phone bracket. Yeah, I did that. It cost a whopping $3 courtesy of Amazon. Today, it’s whisper quiet with extended battery life.

New features on the Osmo+ include better time lapse and panorama modes. The motion timelapse is perfect for cityscapes at night, while the 9-shot panorama mode ensures you get solid quality.

DJI Osmo+ motion timelpase

Motion timelapse with the Osmo+

Love long exposures but not a fan of hauling a tripod? The Osmo+ handles the exposure freehand. I’m curious on the length of exposure, but it opens up freehand light painting.

DJI Osmo+ long expsoure

Don’t worry selfie fans. DJI has got you. The minimum focus distance has been dropped to 60cm. Get your selfie on. Preferably without a stick, but that Rubicon was passed a long time ago

A Solid Osmo+ Setup

First, extra batteries. Yes, the extended battery life is great, but having a spare or two for your excursion is almost required. You’ll thank me later. DJI has partnered up with Rode to offer a quick detach setup for the VideoMicro. You’ll want it over the Flexi mic.

That should cover most uses cases. You can add an extension bar, tripod and additional accessory mounts for lighting, but it comes down to what you need. The light is handy, but if this is for you chasing your kids around, the Manfrotto LED light is a bit much. But damn is it cool.

Pricing is $649 for the base model, but the release date is cloudy. On DJI’s site, ship dates for the Osmo+ are 10-15 business days. Amazon and B&H have yet to list is as a preorder. There’s a ton happening in the photography space, so it’s not surprising the two giants are a bit slow in updating the pages.

A warning to potential buyers. If you’re after the Osmo for the zoom, make sure it’s listed as the Osmo+. The last thing you want is to figure out you have the wrong model if you have a quick trip planned around the delivery.

Watch for our review coming soon.

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