Update 11/13: DJI is starting to send press invites to an event on November 28 in New York. Titled ‘Because Life is Big,’ DJI’s unveiling will be held in the Good Morning America studios from 2-4pm. Like all DJI invites, its the illustration used garnering the most attention. It looks down on a pool of people along with another group traveling to the gathering.

Also in the illustration is Saturn. It’s pure speculation, but the rings of the planet could signify 360-degree video. Once you RSVP to the event, DJI’s message to attendees is to ‘Get Ready to Live Big.’

So, what is DJI announcing? At the forefront of enthusiasts is the Phantom 5, but damn that’s close to Christmas. Less than three weeks to meet demand and ship to consumers of a brand new camera drone? I’d love to see it, but that window is tight. What about something else we already know is being planned? The Osmo Pocket. It fits nicely with the title of the event, and the FCCID already exists. Keep it locked here as the event approaches. Orignal article appears below.

If it seems like yesterday the Mavic 2 was released in the wild; it’s because it was damn near yesterday. But why wait on the speculation and rumors for the DJI Phantom 5? I know you’re with me.

We know it’s coming and it’s a safe bet we’ve seen prototypes thanks to certain Twitter users. Sorry, DJI. I’m not buying the explanation of a one-off interchangeable lens Phantom 4 Pro for an enterprise customer.

Though, give the company some credit. It’s not your usual boilerplate denial. DJI’s statement has a bit of plausibility for enthusiasts looking to glean any piece of information. Below are the images in question.

Now, if it was strictly for enterprise, DJI could have easily told the customer the Inspire 2 is a solid camera drone. Or the Matrice lineup. Why spend that much on R&D for a one-off? The two options mentioned above are orders of magnitude cheaper.

None of the images showed anything relating to industrial applications. They do show lenses with varying focal lengths, which is something fans have been clamoring for DJI to put into the next-gen Phantom 5 camera drone.

What About a Christmas Phantom 5?

You don’t need a magic eight ball to tell you all signs point to no for a 2018 release. The addition of OcuSync 2.0 to the P4P V2.0 screams DJI is comfortable heading into the holiday season with its current camera drone lineup. Hard to blame them when the company outright controls the market. It would mark a break from past release cycles which included the Mavic. When it was first launched, it was mere months later the Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 were announced.

With next to no leads on a release date, I’m inclined to circle the week after CES for the company’s next big announcement. The Spark took its bow around CES. A DJI Phantom 5 announcement would have the crowd buzzing for weeks.

Phantom 5 Rumors

While DJI consistently calls images of an interchangeable lens Phantom a one-off enterprise product for a customer, that’s hard to believe because of the sheer cost. It’s not as simple as putting new lenses on a Phantom 4 Pro. It would involve a ton of gimbal work to keep the drone balanced. Upgraded motors and batteries are a must.

And besides, this looks badass and would give the Phantom line the difference it needs to segment away from the Mavic 2 Pro.

Other feature rumors include the Phantom 5 becoming waterproof and battery life stretching well past the 30-minute ceiling.

DJI Phantom 5 Camera Sensor

While it’s easy to assume an upgrade, I don’t think we are heading for one with the Phantom 5. Personally, it feels like DJI will either stick with the Sony one-inch sensor or tap Hasselblad for in-house sensor tech. Depending on the size of the Phantom 5, you could get away with an MFT, but that would cannibalize Inspire sales. There’s no way an APS-C sensor fits without one hell of a design overhaul.

DJI is better served improving on current camera tech. Onboard processing power for increased quality. More video and photography modes. Having interchangeable lenses will change the game. You can keep the same sensor, but everything would instantly change with new focal lengths.

DJI Phantom 5 Price

Don’t hate the messenger, but expect a sizeable price increase. The Mavic 2 Pro currently sits at the old Phantom 4 Pro price. Expectations are DJI will release two separate models. The sub-$2000 model will be the Phantom 5 Advanced. If the only things nerfed are a wireless band and a few sensors, it becomes attractive in a hurry.

The flagship of DJI’s consumer drones will be the Phantom 5 Pro. Rumors have the price somewhere around $2500. That’s damn steep compared to the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. Especially if the sensor stays the same. Now if it comes with a few lenses, the price tag becomes intriguing depending on the focal length offered.

DJI Phantom 5 Release Date

I mentioned it above, but CES makes the most sense here. Tons of press. Tons of tech enthusiasts. There are only so many smart kitchen appliances you can look at before your eyes glaze over and need something awesome to demo. DJI could fill that void with the Phantom 5.

Sound off in the comments. What’s your prediction on the Phantom 5 release date? Features?

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