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Read Anti-Chinese bias. DJI is shifting gears in its PR strategy against the Trump administration’s non-stop attacks against its consumer camera drones. The company is borrowing a line from Discovery’s Mythbusters to bust five common myths against the company. 

Just be thankful the company isn’t yelling fake news. Please let that phrase go away after the election. You can read the five busted myths about DJI on the company’s blog, but the big one we always hear is China is stealing the data captured by the camera drone. Why? Taking pictures and videos of fall colors represents some sort of intelligence coup for the Chinese government. 

The amount of storage it would take to gather the data all DJI drones supposedly send back to Chinese intelligence would make every smartphone, game console, and computer harddrive prohibitively expensive. 

Besides, why gather consumer drone shots of someone’s backyard when the President of China can get told of impending Syrian missile strikes over ‘beautiful chocolate cake’ by the US President? You don’t have to be an intelligence expert to know which one has more strategic value. You just have to be literate. 

Other myths busted include the one DJI dumped drones at lower costs into the US market to drive up market share. Huh, I’m looking at my $1500 Mavic 2 Pro and wondering where my discount was. 

The company has never been the cheapest. They’ve simply been the most reliable. GoPro entered the market at a competitive price, but the Karma kept falling out of the sky. Skydio is intriguing, but can they produce at scale? The simple fact that if you want quality in an off-the-shelf camera drone, it’s DJI and then everyone else. 

That’s not to say other companies can’t come along and dethrone them. Competition in the space would be great, and GoPro has found it with FPV drones’ rise. The GoPro shake days are long gone, and now DJI has had to counter with its action camera and FPV system. 

One myth they didn’t dispel in the company’s piece is that somehow these drones can be used to spy on people. Let me introduce you to the world of focal lengths. The best zoom lens currently on offer at DJI is the Mavic 2 Zoom. On a 35mm equivalent, that hits 48mm. That’s not remotely a telephoto lens. Your smartphone has a better reach. The idea that people use DJI consumer drones to spy on their neighbors is laughable. Your neighbor is just paranoid. We all have those types in the neighborhood. 

Overall, the tongue-in-cheek debunking of DJI myths is a welcome change. And perhaps it’s a signal we are about to see a ramped-up release schedule of camera drones. The Mavic 2 Pro needs a refresh, and I’d love to see a Phantom 5.

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