Take your run of the mill digital thermostat. Even smart ones. The smart ones look great and you can embrace your inner laziness by controlling it via your phone. But it hasn’t quite lived up to the smart home moniker.

It keeps the temperature controlled for the room it is in. Sure, it keeps the living room at a nice 68 degrees. Yeah, I know. I’m killing the planet. You try living in Alabama heat and get back to me.

What the smart thermostat doesn’t know is you have 2 iMacs, a custom PC and a 50-inch LCD TV in your home office. That 68 degrees in the living room is actually more like 80 in the office.

Ecobee is aiming to get around that with its third-generation smart thermostat. It is combining sleek looks with sensors to place around the house. With the sensor array, it can now learn the conditions throughout your house. Is a room occupied? Are you making Al Gore cry by leaving every TV on?

With the Ecobee 3, you can place up to 32 sensors around your house. If you need 32, you probably aren’t overly concerned with your power bill, so it may be a bit much. Those looking to upgrade, you get the sleeker design and a 3.5-inch touchscreen interface.

While the base kit is $249 and comes with one sensor, prepare for sticker shock in adding sensors. A pair will set you back $79.

The new model ships on September 29, just in time for iPhone 6 Plus to control it. Those stuck in the Southern California heat wave will get a chance to dial down the AC before fall sets in.


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