Well, that’s one way to cut through the clutter of rumors. Toss up a splash page complete with a countdown clock. In about 18 days, we will get our first look at the Fuji X-T4. Obviously, the successor to the vastly underrated X-T3, the X-T4 looks to be catered towards the hybrid shooter over strictly photographers. 

One item we know for certain is it’s getting a new battery. That was already registered ahead of the Fuji opening up its countdown page. Next is a plethora of rumored specs with some expected and others feeling more than a bit of a stretch.

The Fuji X-T4 should gain IBIS in its fourth generation, which is sure to make hybrid shooters happy. Pair that with lens image stabilization, and here’s hoping it impresses. 

Video rumors are all over the map. Some have the camera shooting 6K video at 60fps, but I’d take that with a massive side of salt. Is it plausible? Sure, but not in the current form factor. There are rumors the body is adding about one-third of an inch to its overall thickness and 5-6 ounces, but unless Fujifilm has figured out heat dissipation, 6K video is hard to see. 

Besides, why 6K video? Why not 4K at 120fps? I know a lot of hybrid shooters would prefer that over 6K. Anything above 4K just doesn’t have the adoption rate. Yes, you get the extra crop factor doubling as another focal length, but 6K and even 8K video is a headline number for just that. Headlines.  

An interesting feature being thrown about is the possibility of an anamorphic mode. I would put a rumored feature like that into the expected category because Fuji has shown time and again its camera bodies are jammed with film modes. Anamorphic would be a nice touch.  

In a nod to vloggers, the Fuji X-T4 is rumored to have a flip-out screen. I can hear the Fuji purists decrying that, but it’s where the market is, so it would be wise for Fuji to push more heavily into the vlogging sphere. The camera body already has the looks. Increase the functionality, and it’s YouTube gold.

And now for the downside. Expectations are for the Fuji X-T4 to release towards the end of 2020. Granted, I don’t see any other manufacturers trying out an APS-C camera on the same level as Fuji, but still. No one likes to wait, and it does give the competition a full year to run up the score in the full-frame vs. APS-C narrative. Pricing is an unknown, but Fuji has a solid track record of not jacking up prices when a new camera releases. That should mean some stellar deals for the X-T3 in the coming months.  

A possible curveball for Fuji and manufacturers, in general, is the coronavirus outbreak. How much supply lines are impacted is an unknown right now, but the longer it stretches on, the more likely we could start to see unexpected delays. It’s something to be aware of not only in the camera industry but anything electronic as we head deeper into 2020.

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