PC gaming dead? Hardly. HP is bringing back the Omen line of gaming laptops to go against Dell’s Alienware brand. If you recognize the name Omen, it was part of HP acquiring VoodooPC in 2006. Evidently, time flies when you’re not using a brand.

In a departure from gaming laptops of old, these are actually truly portable, and come with some fantastic specs. The new HP Omen is a 15-inch laptop, complete with an i7 processor and Nvidia powering the GPU.

Detailed specs includes an 1080p touchscreen, 8GB of memory, the intel i7 processor and a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 860. Storage is handled by a 256 GB SSD. Style points for the Omen come with it’s black chassis with seven customizable lighting zones. These include the speaker grilles, and portions of the keyboard. It wouldn’t be a gaming laptop without programmable function keys. The new HP Omen has six of them.

How about weight? Surprisingly, HP all the specs shoved into a 4.68 pound frame. Battery life hits 4 hours and 54 minutes. You better have the charger handy, because that is undoubtedly under optimal conditions.

Price? This is where the Omen shines. I remember buying a gaming laptop back in the day and dropping nearly $4k. These start at $1,499 for a 128 SSD version. For the specs outlined above, the price hits $1,699. On the Omen’s site, there are additional upgrade options, including 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and other gaming-centric upgrades.

Right now, the HP store doesn’t look updated to include the Omen line, but expect it to be up shortly.


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