Need another two hours of non-stop Mad Max? With Fury Road tracking well, the likelihood of a sequel is a given. The movie’s gross box office receipts have whipped past $100 million, and the critical reception has been near universal.

That’s with a R rating and the surprise success of Pitch Perfect 2.

George Miller finally joined the ranks of Twitter, and his first tweet promised sequels:


How about a title? Mad Max: The Wasteland. Now, if we can get him to add some dialog…

george miller mad max sequel

We get it. Dude with the flaming guitar was cool. But, the movie was grossly overhyped. I went in thinking my mind was going to be blown. Instead, imagine a movie cranked to 11 the entire time. There was zero room to breathe.

For critics who lambasted Avengers: Age of Ultron for being too over the top with action, I wonder if they watched Mad Max. If Avengers was an assault on your senses, Mad Max was damn near seizure-inducing.

Mad Max Sequels

While George Miller says there’s more to come, it all depends on Warner Bros. The final decision rests with the studio. Though Tom Hardy is locked up to play Max Rockatansky, he was quick to qualify the news with:

“Everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived. Inevitably it’s a business.”

Hey, if Pacific Rim earned a sequel, I think we can count on Mad Max getting its nod.

Though I let the hype get to me and came away underwhelmed, I’m interested to see where George Miller takes Max in future sequels. Let’s get some serious story development with George Miller’s style. Now that’s a movie I can get behind.


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