Ben Affleck is going to have to find another place to play blackjack. In Las Vegas for a vacation before he starts to work on the new Batman movie, Affleck was banned for life on suspicion of counting cards at the Hard Rock Casino.

Playing at a high rollers table on Tuesday, the table was swarmed by security after they determined he was an ‘advantaged player.’ Once security spotted him counting cards, he was no longer allowed to play blackjack.

While not illegal, counting cards is an excellent way to get you booted from a casino. Security at the hotel arranged for a car service to take him back to his hotel. See, there are perks of being famous. Be an average Joe and pull that. You get dumped out the front door. Batman gets a limo ride home.

Counting cards is a gambling strategy that has the player counting the deck to decrease betting risk. It could be the Hard Rock is just tired of Ben racking up serious winnings. The actor is a known player, and in 2001 won $800,000 by playing three $20,000 hands at once at the Hard Rock. I guess the Good Will Hunting smarts went to Affleck versus Damon when it comes to blackjack.

Must have been a piece of hand Tuesday night. I’m pretty sure Affleck can bear the notion of the Hard Rock no longer being his friend.


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