Props to GoPro’s marketing team. They have managed to turn an industry into the equivalent of Bigfoot hunters. What’s the Karma look like? Check out this blurry ass thumbnail ‘mistake’ from a GoPro official website. Is the Karma drone in The Secret Life of Pets?

Yeah, we have problems. But a tip of the hat for shrewd marketing. DJI and Yuneec are poised to slam the door on any GoPro advantage, but the company keeps on enticing consumers.

The latest bit is a 25-second teaser titled ‘Karma is Out There.’

What’s that near the end? Hell yes, it’s the Karma. I blew it up at 4K, and full screened it to grab an appropriately blurry still frame.

GoPro Karma Drone blurry stillframe

And here’s a GIF:


A couple of thoughts. It’s a quadcopter with running lights below the rotors. I think that gets rid of the high portability toss and launch theory. Would have been badass, but not altogether feasible.

It looks sleek as hell. The form factor I’m digging and while two seconds of it zipping by isn’t conclusive, are we looking at potentially retractable landing struts? For all the talk of the low-end market, having that feature priced in the Phantom range would make things intriguing.

And speaking of zipping by. The Karma looks to have some speed to chase the mountain bikers down the hill.

Thanks, GoPro. You literally turned two seconds into the latest chapter of our digital Bigfoot hunt. Well played. September 19 is the day we get to finally see the GoPro Karma during its live reveal. I hope they bought some extra server capacity. The livestream will need it.

And a release date for the holidays. We’ve been teased this long. Let us have it already.

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