Nothing beats a day on the water followed by a nap in your hammock. Find yourself wishing you had both at the same time? Good news, because the team behind Hammocraft wants you to embrace that laziness.

Combine up to five hammocks and start drifting down the river or across the lake in pure comfort. Props to the trio behind the company. They understand my laziness. It’s dubbed as the ultimate party boat, but let’s be real. It’s what every kayaker/paddleboard enthusiast dreams of when it’s time for the trip back home. A hammock to paddle home. Or a motorized kayak.

The hammocks are cheaper and multi-use. You can easily mount the hammocks on a pair of trees, stand or your porch once your home.

On the water, you can choose between kayaks, paddleboards or a raft. And yes, there’s an inflatable dock for those of us who want to wake up questioning the sanity of napping away a summer afternoon in the sun.


A lot of us already have some of the gear to complete a Hammocraft – be it kayaks, a raft or paddleboards. A frame along with the hammocks prices out to $1,245. Need an excuse to buy a set of inflatable paddleboards? The entire Hammocraft paddleboard kit pushes the price to $2,595. If you already have the hammocks, you can drive the price down to $2,350.

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A river raft kit prices out to $4,150 and includes all sorts of ‘what was I thinking’ moments in hindsight. Just because you have a raft and live near whitewater doesn’t make you a pro. Trust me. Personal experience.

Manage to catch the Olympic Kayak competition in between NBC airing commercials? It makes you want a kayak and Hammocraft offers a complete kit for $2,625. The kayaks are inflatable sit on top Perception Tribes. Portable and makes me regret the day we bought our sit on top kayaks that are not remotely easy to carry around.

The team at Hammocraft pairs each kit with solid gear. Perception Kayaks are known for their durability; iSUP paddleboards consistently earn great reviews, and the hammocks are from ENO. If you’re not a fan of a lake trip, you at least need an ENO Single Nest hammock. No guarantees you’ll actually get out of the hammock, but that’s the point. We have a few around the house that make for a great chill area during the fall and spring. August in Alabama? You’ll need the lake.

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