Who doesn’t love taking a turn at the telescope eyepiece? You will not find a person who isn’t instantly wowed at glimpsing the rings of Saturn. The moon in full relief. Stargazing is a source of limitless ‘wows’ no matter your age.

While it holds the key to impressing the most jaded friend you have, there is a point nearly every amateur astronomer dislikes. Aligning the telescope. For whatever reason, Alex and I always seem to pick the absolute coldest nights in Alabama to bust out the telescope.

And then comes the realization we have to align it. Yeah, it’s not remotely enjoyable.

Enter Hiuni. The smart telescope is lighting up Kickstarter promising to end those pain points and make stargazing a shared experience. The LA-based company was searching for $50,000. Astronomers wanting an easy button gave it a moonshot, and the campaign is sitting well north of $400,000.

Yeah, sign me up for the easy button. Kick back with a tablet and enjoy the view of the moon, distant planets, and nebulas. Select an object with the Hiuni app and the telescope aligns itself. Gotta love technology.

kickstarter Hiuni Telescope

While it has a small footprint, it packs on the features. It includes a dual live view mode allowing you to take in both the night sky and immediately snap to a close-up view of a planet or star.

The best feature outside of the self-aligning function is the lack of an eyepiece. Before you hit the comments and call me nuts, the Hiuni Telescope allows the family or group of friends to scan a QR code, and stargazing becomes a shared experience.

With a six-inch aperture, the Hiuni mixes portability with image quality. The company also employs its Deep Light Imaging algorithm for clear views of our universe.

Thanks to a built-in image sensor, the smart telescope allows astrophotography for the masses. You can leave the camera inside and still capture incredible images. With the onboard tracking, users can enjoy stunning shots without star trails, and the Hiuni keeps pace with the Earth’s rotation.

Hiuni Kickstarter

LIke all crowdfunding campaigns, the first question is always the release date. Hiuni is targeting June 2019 as the date for shipments. Yeah, it’s a wait, but looking at the company’s projected timeline, you can see they are baking in time allowances for any production issues which may arise.

And to ease the wait, backers will grab it at a steep discount. $539 secures the complete package, including the storage vase and detachable legs for those wanting to put the telescope on a deck. According to the company, it’s a savings of $651 over the what will be the retail price next year.

It’s a wait, but the Hiuni has the potential to expose generations of new amateur astronomers to the wonders of the cosmos. Check out their campaign page for more information.

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