Glued to your iPhone 24/7 like me? Yeah, I’d hate to undergo a sleep study. All that blue light… Oaxis won’t get you to put your phone down, but its line of cases will be easier on your eyes.

The inkCase is designed to not only protect your phone but offers up a second screen. Oaxis is prepping the release of the i6, a case specifically designed for the iPhone 6. You get an additional 4.3-inch screen on the back, and you protect your phone from the inevitable drops without adding substantial bulk.

The Screen

Designed to take advantage of low power Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the e-ink display to read your favorite book, have a custom wallpaper or receive notifications. The inkCase is always on, so you don’t have to worry about missing that all important text.

If you’ve used a Kindle, you’re used to the paper-like quality of the screen. The Kindle’s chief selling point is you won’t be visiting the eye doctor anytime soon. It also doesn’t have you staring at an impossibly bright screen for hours.

The i6 inkCase is anti-glare, so you can keep reading in direct sunlight. Connecting via Bluetooth and using e-ink allows the battery consumption to be kept low. In fact, you won’t be taking away from your iPhone battery. It has an onboard 460 mAh battery you charge via MicroUSB.

inkCase Protection

What about protecting your phone when you drop it? It can handle the simple drops. The selling point here is the second screen. It’ll handle your daily wear and tear, but those who beat the crap out of a phone case should stick to the more rugged iPhone cases.

The inkCase itself is made from dual molded polycarbonate exterior and protects the back, edges and corners of the iPhone 6. The screen is left open, so be aware of that.

Snapping the case on an iPhone adds 4.2mm to your phone’s thickness. It totals up to 11mm thick with the phone and case. It can still easily fit in your pocket with little additional bulk.

Preorder pricing is set at $99 and fits the iPhone 6. No word on if or when the 6 Plus will be supported. Shipping for the inkCase is for November, and retail pricing is $129 after the preorder period.

Those who love reading on their iPhone, this is a solid option for a case. If you are in a rugged job, or you tend to drop your phone more than the average person, think about at least adding a screen protector or something that can take severe abuse.

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