Everyone knows we can be addicted to our tablets and smartphones, but a new study is out showing that young kids can rapidly develop allergies to the components inside the electronics. The first-generation iPad from Apple is being linked to an allergic skin reaction in an 11-year old boy.

This new study, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, joins a list of others pointing to nickel used in tablets and smartphones causing allergic reactions. Apple was quick to defend its product lineup, saying the allergic reactions were rare. Releasing a statement the company stressed its products met all safety standards.

“Apple products are made from the highest quality materials and meet the same strict standards set for jewelry by both the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission and their counterparts in Europe. We rigorously test our products to make sure they are safe for all our customers.”

Researchers studied the boy’s skin allergies for six months, before discovering his daily iPad use may be linked to the condition. After using a tablet case and avoiding nickel exposure, the patient’s dermatitis improved markedly.

“With the increasing prevalence of nickel allergy in the pediatric population, it is important for clinicians to continue to consider metallic-appearing electronics and personal effects as potential sources of nickel exposure.”

Judging by how much people are attached to tablets and smartphones these days, it is a wonder the allergy isn’t present everywhere. I’ve been known to have a laptop, iPad and iPhone all next to me and running. So, while the rest of us may not have a nickel allergy, we can definitely fall into the addiction category.

The authors of the study are pushing the fact that using a cover only on an iPad isn’t sufficient. The smart covers hit the screen only, and not the back of the device. A tablet case allows for a complete buffer between the user and the back of devices – in this case an iPad.


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