Here’s what happen when the folks at Starwood Motors get bored. Take you average 2012 Jeep Wrangler and go completely off the rails with upgrades. Last featured at SEMA Las Vegas; the custom build can be yours for an eye-popping $240,000.

If I ever have ‘what the hell?’ money, consider me sold on one of the Starwood Motors custom builds. Not sure $240K is ever happening, but let us dream. The Bandit is the company’s push to continually one-up themselves in custom Jeep market.

Mission accomplished fellas.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Bandit

To kick the build off, Starwood installed a 48” frame extension with fully boxed frame rail extensions for stability. Jeep’s Freedom Top? The cab was reworked to keep the ability to go open air while cruising. For that price, it should make you dinner.

[ecko_gallery]front profile jeep wrangler banditsiide profile jeep wrangler banditwinch of starwood motors jeep wrangler banditUnderside jeep wrangler banditWinch on Jeep Wrangler Banditthree quarters shot of Jeep Wrangler Bandot[/ecko_gallery]

The exterior color is the military tan Kevlar finish Starwood is known for. Inside, the interior is upgraded with nearly everything you could want. Gone is your traditional leather you get off the showroom. Instead, enjoy the comforts of a Lamborghini leather interior. Hell, why not?

[ecko_gallery]interior shot of Jeep Wrangler banditbackseat interior of Jeep Wrangler Banditfront interior of jeep wrangler bandit[/ecko_gallery]

What drives the price is the power plant inside the Bandit. A 7L HEMI coupled with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger. In a Jeep Wrangler. In total, the 4X4 outputs 700 horsepower. It’s more of a supercar than a trail destroyer.

Starwood Motors Bandit Line

For those not willing to throw down $240,000, the company does offer its Bandit line of Wranglers fully customizable. Starting at $90K, buyers can choose damn near any customization.

Frame extensions. Lift kits. Engines. Interiors. You name it; they’ll do it and take your checking account along with it. But, you’ll leave with a smile knowing you have the only Jeep like it in town.

With the Kevlar paint job, I’d have to take the Bandit build offroad at least once. You can’t have a tank sitting in your garage and not take it out.

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