Yeah, Gamescom had a bombshell announcement yesterday. The next Tomb Raider would be exclusive to Xbox One. Playstation fans immediately reached for the torches and pitchforks. Any business minded person was thinking what the hell? The install base of Playstation 4 towers that of the Xbox One.

It all didn’t make sense. A third-party exclusive. And then came the actual details. The game is a time exclusive, so diehard PS4 fans will not have to sully their hands by crossing over to get their dose of Laura Croft.

Before the full details leaked out, social media was ablaze denouncing the move. Some were calling it a slap in the face of gamers. Actually, it’s Xbox’s attempt to quickly right the ship. The new team in place is trying to fix the multitude of mistakes that were left in the wake of departures. Price cuts, more games, exclusive content. You name it and they are throwing it against the wall to see what sticks.

The timed exclusive is a pretty good deal for Microsoft. They head into holiday 2015 as the only platform offering what is shaping up to be a game of the year candidate for 2015. The E3 trailer blew people away, and it’s easy to understand the frustration from Playstation fans.

The good news is that you get the game in what would normally be a gaming drought. The holiday season is always stacked with too many games, and not enough time to play them all.

Not having Tomb Raider for Christmas isn’t a death-blow to PS4. Xbox needs the win, and probably pulled out the checkbook for it. This is a company scrambling to close the distance for the PS4.

Does it leave a bad taste in the mouth of PS4 owners? Of course, but the console wars are heating back up. Expect timed exclusives to become the big announcements at conferences. I’m sure the Playstation brand will be happily dancing over a coup on Microsoft soon enough. They already have Destiny.


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