Microsoft’s Cloud is getting a new service. Today, Microsoft is introducing a new service called Azure Machine Learning that will help companies use data analysis to predict behavior. This move comes as Microsoft wants to get more customers using its cloud-based technology.

What kind of data analysis are we talking? Think algorithms built to predict purchasing patterns, power usage and more. Companies using the service can perform the work and see the results hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Azure Machine Learning comes with several pre built model types and packages. These range from recommendation engines and decision trees to deep neural networks according to Joseph Sirosh, corporate VP at Microsoft.

The data these models analyze can be stored either locally or in the cloud. Users are then charged based on the number of API calls and the amount of resources needed to run them.

Microsoft hopes its Azure Machine Learning will broaden access to machine learning to anyone who understands the R programming language or anyone with a decent grasp of statistics.

Sirosh touts the ease of the system. “Visual workflows and startup templates will make common machine learning tasks simple and easy. And the ability to publish APIs and Web services in minutes and collaborate with others will quickly turn analytic assets into enterprise-grade production cloud services,” wrote Sirosh in a blog post.

Microsoft detailed a couple of projects partners are building in an early preview of Azure ML. One project, MAX451, is assisting a large retailer to determine what products a consumer will likely purchase next based on e-commerce data and data from brick and mortar stores.

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Another program tracks fault detection in real-time.

Next month, Microsoft will release a public preview of the service.

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