First Aid? Check. Flashlight? Check. Jumper Cables? Triple check with a power bank to jump off your car. The inner core of the Meddsy kit has multiple job titles, from a detachable magnetic flashlight, a power bank for your mobile devices and even jumper cables for a quick jumpstart.

Keeping everything organized, the various sections fit into a small footprint that surrounds the inner core flashlight.

Meddsy Sections

Consisting of five compartments, the top section is for fast access to must-have first aid supplies. Medicine and antiseptics have their own compartment, along with instruments, dressings and bandages and a custom slot. The fifth compartment would be perfect for any prescription meds you or the family may need.

Meddsy compartments

Lifting up the first section reveals the middle compartment designed for more intensive medical supplies, rescue tools and additional room for you to customize the kit.

Meddsy’s bottom section reveals the power bank, jumper cables and a slot for various mobile device chargers.

Meddsy Medications

The standard kits have all the basics you’ve come to expect in a first aid kit:

Ibuprofen tablets, extra-strength non-aspirin tablets, aspirin tablets, insect sting relief pads, antibiotic ointment packs, alcohol cleaning pads, bzk antiseptic towelettes, antiseptic treatment application, first aid cream packs, burn relief pack, plastic bandages, fabric bandages, patch bandages, instant cold compress, emergency blanket, moleskin squares, butterfly wound closures, finger splints, first aid tape rolls, trauma pad, sterile eye pad, gauze dressing pads, roller gauze, adhesive tape, thermometer (one time use), nitrile gloves, scissors, tweezers, cotton-tipped applicators, durable clear-pocket soft pack.

Where Meddsy steps up from the traditional is in the expert kit:

Digital thermometer, water filter travel straw, dental instant pain relief and temporarily repairs lost fillings kits, elastic kinesiology therapeutic tape, splint, cold and flu medicines, intestinal absorbent, colitis and diarrhea/intestinal infection treatment, allergy relief tablets, acid reducer tablets, advanced clotting sponge, respiratory stimulant, syringes, sewing kit, particulate respirator, safety eyewear, survival water bags, quick release tourniquet, hand and toes warmers, acupressure wrist bandage, CPR mask, duct tape, pathogenic microorganisms fighter.

Meddsy Specs

Considering the amount of equipment included, the kit has a surprisingly small footprint. Sitting on a table, it measures out to 11.81 inches x 7.87 inches wide. Its depth hits 5.9 inches making it compact for any car.

Meddsy auto

Keeping it secure are four velcro points which also keep the medications and supplies from sliding around. It wouldn’t make it into a survival kit without being waterproof, snowproof and shockproof. It checks all three boxes. I wouldn’t toss it off a hill to test it, but Meddsy can handle the random drops and storms with ease.


Already past its funding goal of $50,000, the kit’s ship date is October 2017. It’s a bit of a wait, but nothing out of the ordinary for Kickstarter campaigns. Pricing on the three tiers is $99 for the Basic Pack, $129 for the Advanced and $269 will grab you the Expert kit.

Learn more about the story and evolution of Meddsy on its campaign page.

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