Really, Mercedes? The automaker is teasing its latest G-Class variant, and stateside buyers can prepare themselves for waves of disappointment. It won’t be in a showroom near you. Not yet.

The 2017 Mercedes G350d Professional is the SUV fans of the G-Class have been clamoring for. Less chrome, more offroad. Get back to the roots of the car and not the Hollywood-styled models of late. Mercedes listened, and the German automaker is living up to the moniker less is more.

mercedes g350d professional exterior features

Leather interior? Gone in favor of fabric. Even the power windows are out, along with the infotainment screen. You’re taking it offroad. You don’t need a link to Spotify. The company did keep the adjustable seats and electronically adjusted steering column. Hey, Mercedes only goes so far…

Mercedes is embracing the off-roader and calls the 360d Professional a “highly purist variant” that is “ideally suited to grueling off-road use and professional applications.” No complaints here.

mercedes g350d professional interior console

interior shot of mercedes g350d professional

When the G-Class was introduced in 1979, it was billed as an off-road vehicle. Somewhere along the line, it became must-have among celebrities and in came the chrome and over-the-top options.

When compared to the stock 350d, the Professional edition has a modified suspension with a 10mm increase in ground clearance over its sibling. The suspension allows for higher approach and departure angles at 36 and 309 degrees. The stock 350d handles both at 30 degrees.

What about optional features. It is a Mercedes; the automaker isn’t about to get rid of its notorious option list. The 350d Professional enjoys a Professional Off-Road package complete with tinted windows, protective grilles for the lights and a roof rack. Other options include a steel front bumper and the Load Protection package.

Under the hood, the G350d Professional keeps the same 3.0-liter V6 diesel hitting 242hp when paired with the 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission. Permanent all-wheel-drive is standard, and fuel economy hits an impressive 23.8 mpg.

engine bay mercedes g350d professional

badge on mercedes g350d professional

Price? $89,000 with orders starting this month in Europe with deliveries beginning in September. Steep for a dedicated off-roader, but it’s nice to see Mercedes tossing fans of the old school G-Class a variant they wouldn’t be horrified to take off the beaten path.

Now, bring it stateside so we can enjoy it.

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