Sorry late-night infomercials. Besides, god knows what is actually in those pills anyways. A new study is calling itself the complete package when it comes to the average penis size of men. And guess what? You can quit worrying. The average erect size is 5.1 inches.

Oh, and those racial stereotypes we all hear about? That’s BS too. Researchers in the urology journal BJU International (that’s an unfortunate title) have given us the most measured data yet.

Somehow, they convinced 15,000 men across Asia, Africa and Europe to submit to penis measurements. Or, is this what that damn consent form says when I go in for surgery? I swear I’m reading it next time.

So, the median is 5.1 inches, not 6 inches like most think. If you’re bigger than that, congrats. It’s like getting a higher SAT score. Smaller? You still shouldn’t concern yourself according to studies.

The range from the bottom 25 percent to the top 25 percent is small, too. The bottom 25 percent is at 4.7 inches. The top? 5.6 inches. Researchers also relied on health professionals to do the measuring. No self-evaluations in this study, which has widely skewed previous attempts to answer this question.

penis length study

Oh, and the study dispelled common myths. The correlation between shoe size and hands? Yeah, ladies, you can quit checking our shoe size. Myth busted.

Still, there are limitations to the study. Researchers are wanting to account for those moving forward with additional studies. Which makes you feel for health researcher Aaron Carroll, who wrote on his blog: “Everyone should stop worrying about this. I’d love to stop writing about it.”

Sorry brother, looks like there are more studies in the works.

For all the men collectively flipping out over this, remember the large Internet survey of 52,000 heterosexual men and women. 85 percent of women were content with their partner, while 55 percent of men reported they were dissatisfied.

So, now that we know the answer to the meaning of life… I mean average size, let’s all collectively move forward to bigger issues.


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