You’re probably wondering at this point, who sings Problem, the unofficial song of the summer? Ariana Grande lends her incredible vocal range to the song, and now ‘Barackdubs’ has President Obama singing ‘Problem’.

I’m sure conservatives would say they have more than one problem with the president, but the dub is pretty awesome. It even features Vice President Joe Biden being, well, Vice President Joe Biden. That’s more than enough for a laugh. It’s probably even a big f****** deal.

Obama is dubbed ‘singing the lyrics’ “Head in the clouds/ Got no weight on my shoulders/ I should be wiser/ And realize that I’ve got/ One less problem without you!” Yeah, maybe if the Democrats recapture the House he would have one less problem. Then again, it’s more likely for him to snag a recording contract than a Democratic wave this fall.

As for Ariana Grande, she’s dealing with an upcoming album release, a leak of the album and having the hit song of the summer. Her one less problem? Becoming a household name.

Below is the dub of the President. Shame they couldn’t fit Nancy Pelosi in as Iggy Azalea. Now that would be YouTube gold. Always next time.


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