Dropcam may have the buzz of the Nest acquisition, but starting today, you can get the Piper system direct from Amazon. That’s right, embrace your inner laziness and get that free two-day shipping. Icontrol Networks, the maker of the Piper system announced they are selling the devices through Amazon.com’s Home Automation store.

“Bringing Piper to Amazon.com will help us reach even more customers and is a strategic step in the expansion of Piper’s distribution in North America,” said Russell Ure, creator of Piper and Executive Vice President and GM at Icontrol Networks. “Since Piper’s conception, our end goal has been to accommodate shoppers by making Piper available wherever they prefer to buy, whether that be in the online marketplace or in traditional brick and mortar establishments.”

The store features just about every smart device out there. Who knew locking your doors could be so entertaining? And if you forgot to lock your door, Piper is a complete video monitoring solution.

On sale for $199, Piper comes with a range of features for those looking to upgrade home security, or a way to make sure your kids are doing their homework. Security settings include home, away, vacation and bedside. It even comes with a 105 decibel siren.

How loud is 105 decibels? It works out to the roar of a chainsaw. That’s one way to get out of bed. Like its competition, Piper comes with the latest in video technology. It comes complete with a fisheye lens shooting at 1080p. Two-way audio is standard on the device, allowing you to speak with the people in your house.

Temperature, motion detecting and ambient sound are also tracked via the device.

It wouldn’t be a smart device unless there was an app for that. Android and iOS are both supported. Sorry Windows Mobile, we hardly knew you. Those afraid of black helicopters can rest easy. The system supports up to five Pipers throughout your house.

The design conscious among us will be happy with the design. It’s sleek and modern. No clunky interfaces, and the company is committed to the OpenHome Developer Program.

Price breakdowns start at $199 on Amazon. A Piper Z-Wave Pak can be purchased for $299, and comes with a switch and window/door sensor in addition to the camera. The Piper House Kit comes with three devices and retails for $597.

For more information on Piper, visit their site.


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