Bought a fancy Playstation 4, but skipped out on Playstation Plus? Sony has your back this weekend. Starting Friday, Playstation 4 owners can play online multiplayer for free. Enjoy free multiplayer like you used to on Playstation 3 before Sony figured out most people will pay for console multiplayer.

Those of you without Playstation Plus subscriptions can team up with the millions playing Destiny this weekend. Smack down those bullet sponge bosses with a couple of friends, or strangers.

Chris Howe, PS Store and Plus Content Manager at SCEE, writes in a post, “Now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of this great opportunity, with huge PS4 titles already available to buy from PlayStation Store including Destiny, Diablo 3, The Last of Us Remastered and Watch_Dogs. And don’t forget FIFA 15 launches this week too!”

Free to play weekends have been a common theme from Microsoft with Xbox Live. This weekend marks the first time a free multiplayer weekend for Playstation Plus. Look for these to continue every few months in the future.

If you decide to jump on the Playstation Plus bandwagon after this weekend, prices range from $9.99 for one month to $17.99 for three months and $49.99 for a year.

Also, this weekend only opens up the multiplayer. Free games given out each month to Playstation Plus users are not included.


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