The Xbox One monthly updates continue today with several new features added to the console. The headline feature is external storage support. Your hard drive filling up fast? Plug in an external one via USB for additional space.

There are a couple of prerequisites for the external hard drive. It will need to be a USB 3.0 compatible drive and have at least 256 GB of storage. With gamers increasingly moving to all digital, having additional storage is a must. Up to two external hard drives can be used at once. Sweet. One hard drive for games, the other for patches for the games.

Want to be able to identify your Xbox Live friends a bit easier? You can opt in to allow friends to see your real name when you sign in. Don’t worry about privacy. You can choose who sees your name or remain anonymous to everyone. This feature could come in handy for those folks who change their gamertag often.

Xbox One owners in the UK are getting a bit of love in today’s update as well. OneGuide sails across the pond. OneGuide takes your existing TV set-top box and lets you flip channels with your controller or with your voice through Kinect.

Another big feature includes auto sign-in. With the Xbox One soon getting a Kinect-less bundle, this feature was a must.

Other features that have gone live include the Games with Gold program on Xbox One. Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault are available for free. Deals with Gold is also up with Crimson Dragon receiving a 50% discount.

Microsoft has definitely stepped up their game since they launched the Xbox One. Updates have been coming in fast and have addressed many concerns.

What do you think of Microsoft’s monthly updates so far? Any features or fixes you would like to see in a future update?

Update: Corrected article to show auto sign-in was included in today’s update.


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