Want the expedition vehicle kitchen without having to buy the expedition vehicle? Scout Equipment is happy to oblige you with the Overland Kitchen. It includes everything you need to make a meal – including the kitchen sink.

It won’t turn you into a master chef, but you can bet your SUV or truck will be the talk of the campground or beach bonfire. Each kitchen is semi-custom to full custom to fit your vehicle, and the pricing starts at $5500.

Not exactly cheap, but it beats the hell out of hot dog on a stick. Or, you could opt to roll the dice on the communal campground grills. Yeah, hello Overland Kitchen.

Scout Overland Kitchen

Before you call them up with your compact two-door, be realistic. You’ll need some space in the back to make this work. The company is taking orders for fifth generation Toyota 4Runners and Tacomas. Builds for newer 4-door Jeeps are under development, and other vehicle types are an email or call away.

drawer system on scout equipment overland kitchen

The footprint of the average kitchen is 34x21x17″ and tips the scale at 100 pounds. Each build starts with a three-tier drawer system housed in an aluminum frame. Included in the base module is the sink, cutting boards, electrical panel, and a complete utensil set.

Customizations start with the stove, fridge and power options.

What makes it intriguing is the drawer system. You can be set up to cook in seconds. It’s a matter of pulling whichever drawer you need. Clean up is washing the dishes and closing the same drawers.

Sign me up for that ease of use. Though, it’s hard to buy the company’s promotional photo shoot of someone washing broccoli. Be real, you threw a couple of steaks down off camera and just did the Whole Foods-esque salad bar meal for show.

washing broccoli scout equipment overland kitchen

Head over to Scout Equipment for more info on the Overland Kitchen and the company motto of ‘Camp More Work Less.’ Couldn’t agree more.

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