Single Edge Makes Wet Shaving Damn Cool
single edge wet shaving safety razor

Ever tried a safety razor? It is hands down the closest shave you will get. Sorry Gillette, facts are facts. Wet shaving is becoming all the rage again. Closer shaves. Cheap and long lasting blades. What’s to hate?

Single Edge is aiming to redesign the traditional safety razor into something easy to use, customizable and gorgeous. Look at the pictures. You want one, don’t you? I know I do. Granted, I have a severe case of ‘will buy anything that looks cool.’

The bonus with Single Edge is it makes the transition from your regular razor as smooth as the shave it provides. It looks like one you get from the store. It handles like one from the store. It just makes your morning shave that much closer.

You don’t have to worry about learning how to hold the razor or invest in the latest ultra-organic badger hair brush. Yeah, you can’t actually get the organic badger hair brush, so stop googling it…

single edge razor

One of my biggest complaints with wet shaving is the blade change. It feels like a game of operation, but screw up and you’re bleeding out. Single Edge understands my unsteadiness and removes that problem.

It comes complete with a blade magazine, allowing you to swap blades quickly and safely. Hey, no more unwrapping the impossibly thin razor blades. Who is the sadistic bastard that taught the companies to wrap the blades like that?

Customizable Safety Razor

You may be rocking one blade, but it doesn’t mean there are not options. Single Edges Kickstarter campaign comes with three. You have your standard head. Nice, clean shave.

Looking like the caveman Geico used? It has an aggressive head for the toughest of beards. Or if you want the smoothest shave possible. Common sense comes into play here. Don’t go hacking away if you’re using this head.

How about getting rid of the five o’clock shadow? Use the mild head for a trim.

Travel Safety Razor

Traveling with the Single Edge is just as stylish as having it by your sink. Its case is made from waxed canvas and comes in midnight blue or olive green.

single edge safety razor

At least the TSA will see something nice when they are ransacking your luggage.

Single Edge Kickstarter

Single Edge is a Kickstarter campaign. It’s already whipped by its funding goal and ship times are set for March 2016. A wait, but I’d rather see them get it right versus rushing the delivery.

Pricing depends on what you want. $80 will get you the entire setup, travel case and all. Twenty blades are included in each order, which depending on how you shave will last you a long time.

It’s time to add a little style to our morning shave. Stainless steel. Customizable.

The vibrating, 80-blade contraption? Yeah… If one blade it was good enough for gramps, it’s good enough for us.

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