Combined. Nikon and Canon’s entry into the mirrorless camera field has not paid off well in terms of gross sales in Japan. This is despite having two cameras each, the Nikon Z6 and Z7, and the Canon EOS R and RP.

When it first released in February, the Canon EOS RP led in sales but quickly fell against the a7 III. The data coming out of BCN shows Sony’s ‘basic model’ outperforming both Nikon and Canon.

Now the question becomes why? To put it simply, the Sony a7 III is the better mirrorless camera for the price. Sure, the RP is cheaper, but its spec sheet doesn’t exactly scream buy me, Especially when for $700-ish more, you have an award-winning camera.

When Sony unveiled the camera, they coined a tongue-in-cheek moniker for the entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera. The basic model. Yeah, it just so happens the ‘basic model’ includes the AF system from the flagship a9, IBIS, and actual 4K video with oversampling to 6K.

Oh and dual card slots. Hard to resist that well-worn joke. Customers are less sensitive to price differences when the feature set far outstrips the competition.

Lenses. What used to be a knock against Sony is now the same complaint targeting Canon and Nikon. Lack of native lenses. Yeah, you can put an adapter on, but it’s not the same as native glass. Sony had the headstart and now has a stable of lenses.

Perception becoming reality. Don’t overlook the shrewd marketing moves Sony has made with the alpha ambassador program jumping out at me. Then there are the nonstop youtube videos made talking up their switch to Sony. Perception has become Sony’s reality.

BCN’s numbers for April broke down to the a7 III owning 42% of the market share. Holding down the 2-4 spots were the EOS RP, EOS R, and the Z6 respectively. Those three accounted for 35% of the market. Rounding out the top 5? The a7 II.

Will Sony’s lead last? The company has one hell of a head start. Canon and Nikon are the old guard stalwarts but damn do they need lenses and fast. Sony also has new camera bodies in the pipeline. The a7s III, a9 II, and whatever they call the next APS-C. Let’s call it the a7000.

The mirrorless wars are here to stay, but for now, Sony is winning its fair share of battles.

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