Are those New Year resolutions already looking a bit iffy? Under Armour has got you. Partnering with HTC, the company unveiled its latest fitness product at CES. Actually, a trio of products packaged together in a HealthBox.

Nicely done Under Armour. $400 and you’re set with wearables and smart scale. Each Healthbox comes complete with the standard wrist-worn tracker, a heart rate monitor and a smart scale.

Everything syncs to the Under Armour app that released last year. One app? Damn, I’m already sold on that alone. Raise your hand if you collect fitness apps. Not judging, I do it too.

Under Armour Band

Designed to be worn all day, the UA Band is the wrist-worn tracker of the HealthBox. The PMOLED screen shows everything from your steps to phone notifications. It can also be used to control music volume. No more cursing the existence of the phablet-size phone.

Tracking is your basic steps, sleep monitoring and workout logs. Also, good news for swimmers finally. You don’t have to toss it to the side when cranking out your lap workout. The UA Band is water-protected to depths of 20 meters. Pretty sure the pool at the local Y doesn’t go past that depth, so we’re good.

Heart Rate Monitor

For those that want more detailed stats, the HealthBox includes a chest strap with a heart rate sensor. These are more accurate than the wrist trackers. The UA heart rate monitor syncs with the UA Band to offer you real-time stats during your workout.

A blue LED light tells you when the tracker is active, and estimated calories burned flash both to the UA Band and UA app. The heart rate chest strap is water-resistant for those that go nuts at the local Crossfit gym. Sweat all you want, it can handle it. Shame you can’t swim with it, but maybe one day.

UA Smart Scale

It all ends with what the numbers say on the scale. The UA Smart Scale rounds out the trio of connected products in the HealthBox. Eight users can jump on the scale and have it create your personal profile. Weight and body fat percentages are tracked and recorded to show progress over time.

Under Armour smart scale for its HealthBox

No need to swap out profiles. The scale will recognize you based on weight and automatically pull up your profile to sync to the UA app.

Looking to step up your connected fitness? The HealthBox is accepting pre-orders today with shipments slated for January 22. In addition to the three connected devices, each order comes with a year free of MyFitnessPal Premium and MapMyFitness MVP.

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