warzone movement glitch

Warzone players are always looking for the next movement edge. Slide-canceling became the norm in the original Warzone. Now, some folks are taking it to another level as they zoom across the map at breakneck speed. The good news is the glitch prevents them from doing anything else.

Here’s a clip of the glitch in action. It’s shown off in Zombies mode but should work the same in Warzone. 

Another person on X/Twitter explains how they are doing this:

“Hit a redeploy drone all the way up, pull your chute, then you need to fly to catch the top of the zipline, cut your chute and interact with the top of the zip where there is a descend prompt. Descend all the way to the bottom and then you can fly like this.”

Other folks were quick to point out that the glitch makes it so you can’t fire your weapons while doing it. So, while it looks ridiculous, it shouldn’t impact gameplay since anyone doing it won’t be able to do anything besides move fast.

So far, the developers haven’t acknowledged the glitch. This isn’t too surprising since most are out of the office for the holidays. And since the glitch prevents you from performing any other action, it probably won’t be at the top of their list of bugs to fix. 

In other Modern Warfare 3 news, the holiday playlists will go away on Wednesday. That’s for both multiplayer and Warzone. Meat 24/7 will return on the multiplayer side in two days. And the Warzone playlists should see a little shakeup around the same time.

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