Usually when you’re solving the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune and none of the letters you choose show up, you’re screwed. Not so for Emil de Leon of Daly City, California. Emil shocked Pat Sajak and everyone watching last night when he guessed the answer on his first try.

What’s even crazier, is that only two letters were given for a three word, 12-letter puzzle. I think Emil needs to give me 6 numbers right now so I can go buy a lottery ticket.

Sajak was skeptical that Emil would even get close to solving the puzzle. “Uhh … this looks tough to me!” the host laughed. “You’re a very good puzzle solver, but I don’t know …” said Sajak.

Emil immediately said ‘new baby buggy.’ He kept going because the board didn’t light up, but a few seconds later it lit up with his first guess. Sajak was stunned and then had some fun and patted Emil down.

For his guess, Emil won $45,000 and took home a total of $63,099.

Check out the video below of one of the luckiest guesses I have ever seen. I’m still shocked!

Emil also tweeted about the experience late last night.


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