And we actually have a price. In collaboration with Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers, the limited run of 100-campers will have everything you love about the iconic outerwear company. The Buffalo Check pattern on the bedding? Damn right it’s there.

Three Woolrich Limited Edition models are offered – the Fleet Flat Bed Model, Hawk Flat and Grandby. Pricing on the Fleet and Hawk start at $42,995, while the Grandby adds a grand to the starting cost.

Obviously, the truck is not included, or we’d all be rushing to buy one. Each model sleeps 3-4 adults in a king-sized cab over bed and a couch/bed conversion. You’ll need to really enjoy the company of your bunkmates. Headroom on the Fleet model maxes out at 6’6”, while the other two enjoy 6’4” of interior headroom space. You won’t be crawling around, but a morning stretch isn’t happening for most.

woolrich camper interior

Woolrich Limited Edition Camper Specs

  • Fleet Model Height Down (including vent): 55″
  • Hawk & Grandby Models Height Down (including vent): 60”
  • Roof Length: Varies on Model Size (please call if you need these details)
  • Floor Length: Varies on Model Size (please call if you need these details)
  • Body Width: (Fleet Models = 75”) — (Hawk & Grandby = 80″)
  • Adult Sleeping: 3 – 4
  • Roof/Wall Framing: Aluminum
  • Exterior Material: Smooth Aluminum Siding
  • Fresh-Water Capacity: 20 Gal.

woolrich camper exterior

Woolrich Camper Options

The standard features cover nearly all the bases, but Four Wheel has included a few extras for those wanting the comfort of home on the road. A built-in cassette toilet is offered at $800. Serious adventurers can have a Yakima roof rack system installed for $695 and side wall steps for $295.00.

Not the glamping adventure we are used to in most campers and that’s a good thing. The idea is to go outside, not sit inside and watch your DVR. from afar. Unless it’s the The Expanse. Compromises have to be made. Hey, it’s not my fault Syfy decided to return to its sci-fi roots.

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