‘World War 3’ Will Try to Scratch the Battlefield 4 Itch Next Month

‘World War 3’ hits Early Access on October 19 and brings large-scale FPS action to a modern setting. The folks over at The Farm 51 announced a price point as well at $28.

With 64-player battles across a modern setting, it’s obvious the audience the devs are targeting. Too bad there are no helicopters (yet). I’ve been itching for some quality helicopter gameplay ever since Battlefield 4. What ‘World War 3’ will offer is Battlefield-like gameplay with plenty of infantry, tanks, and drones to do battle with.

Warzone sounds a lot like Conquest. One of the game’s two modes, Warzone will see two teams battle it out over fortified points. Yep, sounds like Conquest to me.

Recon is The Farm 51’s take on Battle Royale. Details on the mode are slim, but devs describe it as a mode that pits small squads “left on their own to survive” as they capture objectives. Don’t expect it to look like the more traditional Battle Royale games on the market. Which is a good thing. I know it feels like Battle Royale is everywhere, but there are so many ways games can evolve the formula. It’s great to see The Farm 51 willing to try something new.

‘World War 3’ expects to be in Early Access for 12-15 months. I’m always worried about games getting stuck in Early Access hell. At least we have a time frame for when the game should be out of Early Access..

Here’s some gameplay. Plenty of gameplay videos hit YouTube following Gamescom. Here’s a couple to give you an idea of what to expect.

Don’t go in expecting the polish of a Battlefield game. The Farm 51 isn’t DICE. They’re a lot smaller. But The Farm 51 is giving some Battlefield fans what they want. Large-scale battles back in a modern setting.

We’ll see if ‘World War 3’ can scratch that itch when it enters Early Access on October 19.