Halo 3 gravity hammer

10 Minutes of Launching Spartans in Halo

The folks at Termacious Trickocity are showing us what Spartans in Halo are really capable of. ‘Elevated Existence’ takes us on a 10-minute, high-flying trip through multiple Halo games. The montage is a culmination of four years of countless hours trying to nail perfect launches.

Wow. And I thought finally nailing the super bounce on Ascension back in the Halo 2 days was impressive…

How they do it

The slick montage shows the moment when the launch is happening. But some of these are lengthy setups. Here’s a launch from Halo 3 that will give you a good idea of just how much work is involved.

What about Halo 5?

You’ll notice the weapons of choice in the 10-minute montage above. Gravity Hammers and Concussion Rifles. Sadly, Halo 5: Guardians doesn’t have a good explosive weapon that can assist in launching. And where the hell is my Gravity Hammer? I need my Grifball fix, 343. I need it.

Just because there isn’t Gravity Hammer doesn’t mean you can’t launch. The same folks released a Halo 5 video shortly after its release. There are some cutscene manipulation, and other random tricks sprinkled throughout the video in between the launches.

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