The folks at Bluehole are giving us a slow, steady dose of new guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The Month 3 Update is almost here and is bringing two new weapons. The OTs-14 Groza (SMG/assault rifle hybrid chambered in 7.62) and a Glock 18-C (chambered in 9mm with selective fire mode and can be equipped with a red dot sight and a silencer).

That’ll bring the total number of new guns added to Battlegrounds so far to four. The Vector, VSS, OTs-14 Groza and Glock. Not too shabby, but the fantastic support has me itching for more guns. I’m going to break it down by weapon category.

Assault Rifles


FAMAS. Credit: Wikipedia

Where’s the love for the assault rifles, Bluehole? I guess the Groza kind of counts as a hybrid, but Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene said the gun was great at close to mid-range during his appearances at E3. I want more guns that fit solidly into the assault rifle category. Since my title limits me to 10 guns, I’ll try to keep it to three or four.


First, it looks cool. Second, the bullpup design will give us a nifty reload animation. A fast rate of fire would make it especially handy in mid-range firefights. It would also give us another option for clearing out houses and barns beside SMGs or shotguns.


Pretty much the exact opposite of the FAMAS. Keep it as a semi-auto only. This sucker would be tailormade for long-range engagements. Obviously, it shouldn’t be stronger than the SKS – because then no one would touch the SKS. But make it the strongest of the assault rifles (per round). Its weakness would be a slower fire rate compared to other assault rifles.

Honey Badger

I love the integrated silencer on the VSS. How about doing the same thing for assault rifles? Obviously, balancing would be an issue here. Bluehole went with aggressive bullet drop on the VSS, and the same would probably be necessary here.


Skorpion SMG

Skorpion. Credit: YouTube


I’m shocked this one hasn’t made an appearance yet. Who can forget chewing through teams on Call of Duty 4 with it? Yeah, the UMP and MP5 would pretty much be the same gun in Battlegrounds, but it would look cool. Isn’t that enough?


Give us something to toss those 15-round bricks of 7.62 littered across the map into besides that revolver. You could limit the magazine size similar to how the Vector is right now to keep it balanced. It would basically be a micro-uzi with a slightly smaller magazine.


Yep, I watched a lot of Stargate. A 50-round magazine means the damage would need to be toned down big time. Still, I would grab it every time.

Sniper Rifles/LMGs

WA 2000 sniper rifle

WA 2000. Credit: Wikipedia

This is the area where Battlegrounds is already pretty much set in. There are already five different types of sniper rifles and one LMG. But let’s take a crack at it anyways.

Barrett M82

What even needs to be said about this .50 cal? Crank up the audio for each shot and toss it in the airdrop crate with an 8x scope.

WA 2000

This is another case of it ‘looks cool.’ The WA 2000 is a bullpup sniper rifle with a unique design. Fun fact: reports say only 176 WA-2000 rifles were ever made.


This could work as a weapon spawn across the map. Right now, the only LMG we can get our hands on is in the airdrop crate. Keep it iron sights only, but let us slap an extended magazine on it. We would get the heavy hitting power, but the lack of sights could help balance it with assault rifles.

Alright, that’s nine guns. What about number ten? That’s where I’m about to suggest something a little radical.

China Lake grenade launcher

China Lake launcher

I hear you. A grenade launcher in Battlegrounds? Hell no.

I’m not thinking about grenades here. I’m thinking about smoke. Battlegrounds is all about positioning. But no matter how hard you try, sometimes the white circle just doesn’t cooperate. You’re facing a wide-open field with another team positioned where you need to be. And you can only throw smoke so far. A launcher would help get smoke grenades where you need them to be.

As for grenades? That’s a tough call. The YouTube clips of long-distance clips would be worth it, but I don’t know from a balance perspective. Probably not a good idea.

Those are just a few of my ideas for new guns. What would you like to see Bluehole add next to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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