Halo developers, 343 Industries, have done a lot to ease the concerns of Halo fans. Halo 4 was a dud. We know it. They know it. Over the past few months, 343 Industries has given everything Halo fans want.

At E3, they announced the Halo: Master Chief Collection. Halo’s 1-4 are coming in one package. Halo 2 gets the remastered touch this time with its multiplayer completely intact. One question many Halo fans had was, what would happen to the ranking system? Today, 343 announced Halo 2’s original ranking system would return. On top of that, 343 announced Sanctuary is getting the remastered touch-up. 343 brought in some Halo pros to try out Sanctuary. Check out the short clip below.

This day couldn’t get better for Halo fans, could it? Oh, it did.

343 also released a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta first look trailer. Here’s what you need to know. The beta will run from December 29th through January 18th. There will be 7 maps, 3 game modes, 11 ‘sandbox’ weapons and 7 armor sets for customization. The beta will focus on 4v4 arena gameplay. ‘Fair starts’ are in. Every player starts on equal footing. Hell yes! 60 frames per second and dedicated servers will also be included in the beta.

343 Industries is embracing the competitive nature of Halo with Halo 5: Guardians. Today was everything Halo fans could hope for and more. Check out the first look trailer below.


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