This past weekend, folks from around the world were treated to the best supermoon of 2014. Anticipation was running high for yesterday’s supermoon as it was the closest the moon has been to Earth in 20 years.

This weekend’s supermoon was even more impressive thanks to the moon becoming full during the same hour it was at its closest point.

Here’s 9 of my favorite pictures from around the world showing off this weekend’s supermoon. Unfortunately, weather didn’t cooperate for me. If you missed the show, another supermoon is expected to light up the sky on September 9.

A young girl plays with her dog as the supermoon rises in the skies above Madrid.

supermoon madrid

The Sydney Opera House compliments the supermoon well in this Reuters photo.

supermoon sydney

The Motherland statue in Kiev, Ukraine offers a breathtaking contrast to the supermoon in the background. AP photo.

supermoon kiev

The supermoon wasn’t the only show in Malta as fireworks light up the sky alongside the supermoon in this Reuters photo.

supermoon fireworks

This AFP photo shows the supermoon though a statue in China’s Jilin province.

supermoon china

This past weekend’s supermoon rises above the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. Getty Images.

supermoon arlington

Even the folks in space got in on the fun with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev snapping this picture.

supermoon from space

Another incredible image from the Motherland statue in Kiev, Ukraine. AP photo.

supermoon kiev

Want to know exactly how big this past weekend’s supermoon was compared to a normal full moon? Vesa Vauhkonen of Finland took the below picture. “I compared the normal full Moon of March 2014 with the Supermoon of Aug 2014,” says Vauhkonen according to “In individual images, the difference in size might be difficult to see, but putting them side by side makes the difference clear. I used the same photo settings for both images, so the scaling has no errors.”

supermoon comparison


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