One of the more popular MMOs is going to get even bigger soon. ArenaNet, the developer behind Guild Wars 2, announced the first expansion pack for their MMO at PAX South.

Heart of Thorns will take you on a “journey into the heart of the jungle” in a new area – Heart of Maguuma.

Several new features are coming to Heart of Thrones. ArenaNet is ‘reimagining progression’ with a new Mastery system – an end-game, account-based progression system. You will gain mastery points as you explore the world, complete missions, etc. These points can then be spent on abilities on all your characters on your account.

ArenaNet is promising new, challenging group content, massive jungle areas, new storylines and new boss battles.

Specializations will change the way you’ve been playing with your character. It will give existing professions (classes) access to a new weapon and new traits and skills.

A new profession was also announced. The Revenant is heavily armored and uses “legendary powers to slaughter foes and unleash chaos on the battlefield.”

PvP remains a strong focus for ArenaNet with a new PvP mode – Stronghold. World versus World gets a new map with Borderlands. ArenaNet says, “map objectives will be more important than ever before, as they’ll unlock new strategies, tactics and play mechanics that you’ll want to use to your world’s advantage.”

Those of you in guilds will now have a place to call home. Guild Halls gives you and your guild a place to hang out and plan your next guild missions.

“We only wanted to unveil Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns once we felt we could showcase everything that makes it an expansion worthy of Guild Wars 2, and that’s what we did today,” says game director Colin Johanson.

While the announcement was heavy with features, it was light on a release date.

Why Wait for the Expansion, Jump in Guild Wars 2 Now

To coincide with the announcement of Heart of Thorns, ArenaNet slashed the price of Guild Wars 2 this weekend. Jump in this solid MMO for $10. Even better? No subscription fee. ArenaNet is one of the smarter MMO developers out there and opted for a ‘buy to play’ model. Pay once and that’s it.

Tell me which feature announced in Heart of Thorns has you most excited.


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