My favorite multiplayer shooter is about to get even better. Battlefield 4’s launch was rough, but underneath the initial crippling server issues was a great game.

You would think with the release of Battlefield: Hardline and DICE’s ongoing work with Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, support for Battlefield 4 would wane. That is not the case. Yesterday, DICE unveiled Night Operations DLC.

Night Operations gives Battlefield fans a new way to play some of BF4’s maps. Zavod 311 is becoming Zavod: Graveyard Shift. DICE isn’t just changing the time of day either. Selling the night theme requires a much more broad overhaul.

The developers tweaked the already fantastic sound design. Knowing where those footsteps are coming from is even more important as Zavod gets plunged into darkness.

Passive and active spotting were adjusted to make it easier for you to outmaneuver the other team.

BF4 night ops

Gadgets and items that would work great in darker environments are getting a boost. Get ready for flashbangs and flares to get some use.

All of the traditional Battlefield 4 modes are supported in Zavod: Graveyard Shift – Conquest, Rush, TDM, Obliteration, Domination and Gun Master. DICE also talks about how Gun Master influenced a secondary map layout.

“When playing Gun Master (which plays very differently at night), we realized it would be cool to have a second, even darker layout – one with a special new Weapons Preset specifically tailored for nighttime. So, we made one – this is the first time we created a secondary layout to a map for any game mode.”

Next month’s release of Night Operations will also include weapon tweaks, netcode improvements and a new public server team balancer.

Why DICE’s continued Battlefield 4 support isn’t surprising

If you gave up on Battlefield 4 shortly after its launch, you’re missing out on the best multiplayer shooter on Xbox One and PS4. Yeah, the server issues sucked – but the gameplay is as good as it gets.

Why is DICE still supporting a game that was released nearly two years ago? Easy, the community is still incredibly strong. The Battlefield community’s move to Hardline was short lived.

Here’s how many people are playing Battlefield 4 right now (stats via Bf4stats):

PC: 21,800
PS3: 20,400
Xbox 360: 7,600
Xbox One: 13,400
PS4: 31,600

Let’s see how that compares to Battlefield: Hardline (stats via BFHstats):

PC: 2,100
PS3: 4,100
Xbox 360: 1,900
Xbox One: 6,300
PS4: 16,500

I love DICE’s ongoing support for Battlefield 4. What maps would you like to see get the night-time treatment?

Also, one more thing. If you’re in the Xbox One preview program, you can help test new Battlefield 4 additions before they are released via the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE). You can read more about that here.

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