The details for the first Black Ops III DLC are here. Awakening hits PS4 on February 2. No details on when Xbox One and PC players will get their hands on the DLC. I believe the previous Call of Duty deals lasted for about a month. So expect a similar timeline for Black Ops III.

Alright, let’s dig into the details.

The maps

Four maps are coming in Awakening: Skyjacked, Gauntlet, Splash and Rise.

Skyjacked – Remember Hijacked from Black Ops II? It’s back and is designed around the new movement options in Black Ops III. Treyarch is trading a ship in the water for a VTOL high above Zurich. Wall running? Check. Plenty of areas to utilize boost jumping? Check. I’m a sucker for old Call of Duty maps and can’t wait to run around Skyjacked.

Gauntlet – Three lanes. It’s a core design principle for map design at Treyarch. And with Gauntlet, Treyarch illustrates this with environments. Gauntlet is set in a military training facility. Each lane shows off a completely different environment. One lane is a jungle environment that would look more at home in World at War. Another lane is an arctic environment. And the other is a rainy, urban environment.

Dan Bunting, game director of multiplayer, explains what they wanted to do with Gauntlet. “For us, it was really all about playing up this core philosophy that we have about the three-lane structure of our maps. And, we just wanted to kinda go over the top on that front with visuals and gameplay.

Splash – Call of Duty’s frenetic action inside a water park? How did this not happen sooner? Boost slide your way through water slide tubes as you look for all the action. And c’mon, it’s a water park. Of course there will be water combat.

Rise – Where Gauntlet and Splash turn things to 11, Rise brings it back down a notch. “It really feels the most classic COD multiplayer of all the maps in the pack,” says Bunting. “It’s really heavily focused on cover-to-cover combat. It has a lot of variety in its lane structure.” One lane features long sight lines. Another is more focused on close-quarter, run-and-gun style fighting. Out of all the Awakening maps, Rise is the one Treyarch feels caters to competitive play the most.


This is a Treyarch Call of Duty. No DLC would be complete without more zombies.

Der Eisendrache – The beginning of a new journey with our Origin friends – Richtofen, Nicolai, Takeo and Dempsey. “I’m a sucker for medieval castles,” laughs Jason Blundell, director of Zombies. “That’s where we’re going in Der Eisendrache.” Treyarch’s zombie team wants to introduce new concepts with this map. We get a glimpse at 3:54 in the trailer. Here’s a screencap.

awakening Black Ops 3 words

And we’re getting four new mega gumballs. I just have one request. Don’t make it a pain in the ass to get the pack-a-punch. I’m not as die-hard as some Zombies fans. I just want to jump in and see what round I can get to.

Multiplayer maps or Zombies. Which one are you most pumped for?

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