Hat tip to the folks at BMW’s M division. When you are stealing the show away from other exotic automakers and away from a few of your own iconic cars, life is damn good.

The BMW M4 GTS is billed as “the most agile, radical, and powerful M4 ever.” It’s not just marketing talk. The automaker turned the M division loose on the rework of the standard M4.

Gone are the days when you tossed a bigger engine in and called it a day. Instead, the tuners at BMW’s M lab went all in with the 2016 BMW M4 GTS. Looks and guaranteed first-name basis with cops running speed traps.

Curb weight? Reduced. Power? Come on. Efficiency? Hell, why not?


Immediate impressions? It’s eye-catching. Thanks to an entirely new body kit complete with a carbon-fiber-reinforced hood, adjustable front splitter and roof. Aluminum makes an appearance around the vehicle to help save weight.

BMW M4 GTS 2016

Other weight-saving design decisions? The doors. More specifically the door handle. The regular door trim is gone, replaced with a lightweight panel with a fabric pull. It’s different, but shedding weight calls for compromises.

The backseat? Gone. The front seats are the M Sports specials with cutouts to reduce weight. The black Merino leather trim is one hell of a contrast with the Acid Orange used in what was the back seat.

BMW M4 GTS interior

The Acid Orange makes its way outside on the striking 19 (front) and 20-inch (rear) wheels. The contrast polish set against the forged aluminum will whip heads around for those cruising the streets.

BMW lists four color options for the M4 GTS. The matte-finish Frozen Grey at Amelia Island, Alpine White, Black Sapphire or Mineral Grey.

Total curb weight? BMW lists it at 3,329 pounds. A 200-pound weight loss over the standard M4.

M4 GTS Power

It has the looks, what about under the hood? BMW’s 3.0-liter M TwinPower V-6 gets some love from the mad scientists at the M division. Horsepower sits at 493 with 443 lb-ft. Of torque.

BMW has the M4 GTS hitting 189.5mph officially. That might irritate a state trooper or two. 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Fun times.

Your choice on how you get there. The 7-speed M Double-clutch transmission allows for you to work through the gears via paddle-shifting, or leave it to the transmission to handle your next speeding ticket.

Stopping the M4 GTS are brakes featuring carbon-ceramic ventilated discs. Six-piston fixed calipers up front, with four pistons in the rear.

M4 Water Injection

The coolest part of the engine isn’t even under the hood. No, you have to pop the trunk. There you’ll find the water injection system. It works by spraying water into the manifold. The water evaporates, reducing the intake air temperature.

In the end, it allows the 3.0-liter engine to run at higher boost pressures and cuts spark timing. The result is more power and efficiency. BMW claims the addition of the water injection actually protects against engine wear.

Owners will need to remember to fill up the water tank. Using it as a daily driver, you should get to the fifth fill-up on gas before having to top the water tank.

BMW M4 GTS exterior

Track racing? Fill it when you grab gas. If you forget, the engine automatically detects it and operates normally.


Unfortunately, the sticker shock is real. And so is the rarity. BMW is only producing 700 units at a base price of $134,200. All of the US models are spoken for, but let me have my dreams.

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