A motorcycle which ditches the helmet and protective clothing? Sounds like riding down a rural country road in Alabama. For BMW, it’s the future of motorcycles. The company’s Motorrad division went crazy with a concept that showcases where the company wants to take its motorcycle division.

BMW may tout its cars as the best driving experience, but Motorrad wants that moniker attached to its bikes.

No technology in the world can get past the human factor. Self-balancing systems that make it impossible for the bike to tip over? That is asking for the articles on the BMW Vision Next motorcycle tipping over. Trust me BMW. Someone will find a way to tip it over. Sorry folks, wear a helmet. And protective clothing.

BMW Vision Next Motorcycle

That’s not to say the technology won’t make its way into future motorcycles. An active rider protection system detecting problems would be a huge step forward. Keeping riders upright with self-balancing systems is the next step for all motorcycles, not just bikes rolling out of Motorrad.

BMW Motorcycles concept

Google Glass has to be a bit jealous. BMW went and made concept goggles. Have to love marketing. Put a record on the turntable. Still the same old coffee maker. Badass Tron-looking bike waiting for you downstairs. I’m sold on the classic roadster bikes. Put the technology into The Pure.

Classic style with the best technology? What’s not to love?

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