State of Decay: Lifeline will let you see how the zombie apocalypse is going through the military’s eyes according to a blog post on the developer’s website.

Typically, the military is seen as the bad guy in zombie entertainment. Either they’re responsible for the outbreak, or they’re killing everybody that may or may not have been infected. Either way, it’s not a good way to get the people on your side.

You control Greyhound One, a small unit “that has been sent to the fallen city of Danforth to rescue scientists whose research is critical to fighting the outbreak.”

The best part about playing as military. Access to hardware and off-map support such as artillery strikes. Undead Labs is flipping the script, though. Instead of slowly building up the best support abilities or weapons, you start with everything. Then, you must improvise as each resource slowly dwindles down.

Undead Labs describes an early scenario in their post.

“One of your first imperatives is to secure the Landing Zone where you can receive supply drops and extract civilians. This location becomes your base, which you must defend at all costs against the zombie horde.”

How will you defend it? Minefields, artillery support and well-trained soldiers are at your disposal. A stash of military-grade weapons are also available.

“But in the end, when the zeds get into the heart of your base, it’s down to fighting tooth versus blade.”

It sounds like Undead Labs is trading the survival aspect of the original game for all out zombie apocalypse war. I can’t wait.

The developers are promising more updates in the coming weeks and months. They will introduce new characters, show off the map of Danforth and more.


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