Watch the Calbuco Volcano Eruption in these Impressive Images and Videos

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It’s been more than 42 years since Chile’s Calbuco volcano has erupted. That changed in a big way yesterday.

The National Mining and Geology Service issued a high alert right after the eruption. Access to the area around the volcano is prohibited.

Social media quickly exploded with pictures of the eruption as it was occurring.

calbuco volcano eruption

#Volcano #Calbuco #Eruption #Chile #SouthAmerica

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The above images and video are impressive, but the real show started as the sun went down. Volcanic lightning was captured in the stunning photos below.

calbuco volcano eruption lightning

Impresionante! #Volcano #Calbuco #Eruption #Chile #SouthAmerica

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Calbuco is located about 600 miles south of Santiago. Thankfully, the incredible display has not resulted in any injuries – so far. A town of about 1,500 people has been evacuated. Authorities have also shut down schools in the area and cancelled flights.

Officials were a bit surprised by the eruption according to the New York Times. The volcano was not under any special observations at the time.

The biggest concern right now is from the ash. This could damage crops and be harmful to people. Officials are also concerned about the potential for flooding as lava melts ice and snow.

I leave you with one more video. A time-lapse of yesterday’s eruption.

Image Credits: AP, Instagram

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