Boeing is diving even more into the defense community with the Android smart phone, ‘Black.’

The company, known for its passenger jets, has tapped BlackBerry to help them build the super-secure smart phone.

BlackBerry chief executive John Chen had this to say in a conference call. “We’re pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilising our BES 12 platform.”

“That, by the way, is all they allow me to say,” Chen said according to The Telegraph.

No one knows what Boeing’s role in developing the smart phone is. But, they do have plenty of contacts within the defense and security communities. Not so much in the development of smartphones.

BlackBerry is certified for use by the Department of Defense, so that’s probably why Boeing is working with them.

The ‘Black’ smartphone sports a 4.3-inch qHD display (540×960 pixels). It weighs 170 grams and comes with dual-SIM capability. This dual-SIM capability would allow security personnel to switch between government and commercial networks. Just don’t text state secrets over Verizon by accident.

No word on pricing or release date, but I imagine most people won’t be able to get their hands on it anyway.

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