Cleaning Up Twitter. Twitter and WAM! Join Forces Against Harassment of Women

online harassment

Anonymity brings out the worst of people on Twitter. No one knows this better than women. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, at least a quarter of women between 18 and 24 have been sexually harassed or stalked online. One of the more frequent avenues for this harassment is social media.

Twitter’s latest attempt to clean up the platform is a partnership with the non-profit organization, Women, Action and the Media (WAM!). Now, if you are the target of gendered harassment you can use WAM’s new Twitter Harassment Reporting tool to submit a detailed complaint.

With the new form, you can provide details including the type of harassment, whether you fear for your personal safety and a list of people doing the harassing. Then, WAM will review and escalate confirmed reports of harassment to Twitter. The ball will still be in Twitter’s court to decide what to do, but the new form should allow for quicker resolutions to harassment.

If you’re one of the many victims of harassment on Twitter, you can file a report using the Twitter Harassment Reporting tool here. See harassment going on? You can also file a report on the behalf of that person.

Will this new tool solve every instance of harassment? Nope. Unfortunately, harassment will always exist. The only way you can curtail a meaningful chunk of it is to do away with anonymity. But, that would drive away users. Something a publicly-traded company, whose business is the number of users it has, is not about to do.

online harassment
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