Science and Simplicity With Cosmos Wooden Toys
Cosmos wooden and magnetic toys on kickstarter

Space. It’s our final frontier and utterly fascinating. Pictures from telescopes, the Kepler project, NASA’s missions and everything in between. How can you not be excited by the possibilities just by looking up?

If you’re into design, you’ve heard of Huzi. The company is behind three successful Kickstarter campaigns – the Dream Car, Infinity Pillow and Mixed Animals. But it’s their fourth act that has Alex and me excited.

The Cosmos collection. Yeah, they are wooden toys. They happen to be tailored made for the space-nut and kid in all of us. Cosmos is the ultimate in simplicity. How many times have you looked at models or toys and debated the necessary post-graduate degree needed to assemble your purchase?

Here? Wood and magnetic connections. Embrace your inner kid. And the design quality is such it works in your office or your kid’s room.

Cosmos Design

Each of the 28 building blocks starts as a solid log of beech. From there they are sawed into the pieces of the set. Each has Neodymium magnets embedded in the injection-molded slots. Once a block is finished, each is hand sanded and three coats of paint applied to smooth out the finish.

Huzi opted for a soft touch coating for low gloss and reflectivity for certain parts to help enhance the aesthetics of what you can create.

[divider]Creating Your Next Astronaut[/divider]

The idea behind the project was to bring building to a new generation. Why have a smartphone game when you can snap together your own space shuttle?

What are the possibilities? Depending on the tier you select, the 28 blocks with 54 magnetic connections can go from this:

Cosmos building blocks


Creations using Cosmos blocks

Kickstarting Creativity Into the Cosmos

With 15 days left on the campaign, Huzi is nearing its $30,000 goal. The company has the pedigree with three successful Kickstarter campaigns funded and ship dates met. Shipping on the Cosmos collection is set for June 2016. A bit of a wait, but the company has earned the crowdfunding community’s trust.

Pricing. Cosmos are broken up into tiers. Starting at $25 for the planet collection up to $150 for the entire collection.

Cosmos kickstarter reward tiers

The design is gorgeous. Simplicity at its best. Head over to the company’s campaign to see the collection in even more detail. Huzi also features a stretch goal if they blow past the $30,000 mark.

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