Three humans standing in heroic poses on what looks like Earth. Sounds like Destiny 2 to me. Poor publishers just can’t seem to reveal a game on their terms these days. First, it was Target with Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Now, it’s an Italian retailer with Destiny 2. Let’s take a closer look at the poster.

Destiny 2 poster

Two separate websites are confirming the poster is the real deal (Eurogamer and Kotaku). With that out of the way, the poster reveals two more big pieces of news. A beta is coming. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. What big game doesn’t have a beta these days? It’s an easy way to get fans excited, and it gives you time to squash any significant bugs discovered during it by thousands of die-hard Destiny players.

The second tidbit of info is a little harder to see. Up in the top right where the poster folds is what looks like a release date. September 8th. That’s a Friday. Which isn’t that unusual considering it’s a leak from an Italian retailer. European game releases tend to be on Friday’s while North America releases come on Tuesday. Although, Destiny 1 did release worldwide on September 9, 2014.

This date could also be a special edition date. Something along the lines of what Microsoft does with Forza. Get the special edition and play a few days earlier. We’ll have to wait for Bungie and Activision to officially announce the game before we know for sure.

As for the release date itself, it’s a good one. You can never go wrong releasing a game in September. It gets you in front of the holiday rush starting in October. Plus, Activision’s other heavy hitter, Call of Duty, always locks down November. And for us, it gives us a little time to soak in the world of Destiny 2 before other games start vying for our time.

We don’t have much official information on Destiny 2. Bungie did come out recently and say character progression will not carry over from the previous Destiny. But character customization will.

I’m ready to see what Bungie learned from the first title. We all know one thing for sure. Shooting aliens in the face will be as fun as ever. Now, if we can just get a story that makes us care why we’re doing it.

What are you looking forward to the most in Destiny 2? New features? Just more Destiny?

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