I love my Crusader ‘hammer’ build, but it does get old clearing rift after rift in my search for Primal Ancient Legendary items. Hell, I never did find one for my Crusader. I’m almost convinced they don’t exist.

The folks still working on Diablo 3 know most people run whatever the community deems the best build for each class. It’s hard to see build diversity when you’re just looking for the build that clears rifts the fastest. The devs know this and are designing a new feature to help shine the light on unique builds.

They are called Challenge Rifts. Each week, the devs will grab a Greater Rift run completed from a random player’s account. Everything from this completed Rift will be saved. The character, paragon levels, gear, skills and enemy placements. Every Diablo 3 player will take a crack at this Rift as the same character. Everyone is on a level playing field. It’s all about how you use the character and how you take advantage of enemy density to clear the Rift quickly.

A blog post dives into how the devs pick the build.

“Builds are selected from live players, so you might get something totally different than the builds you’re used to seeing on fansites or your favorite streamer’s channel. A build from the start of a Season might be a mix of the first Legendaries someone happened to find, and you may need to capitalize on the effects of items or abilities you’re not used to using. Regardless of how the build came together, it’s the same set of tools every player in the Challenge Rift will be using—this puts every player on a level playing field, so you’ll play alongside the best in the world no matter your experience!”

It sounds like unique builds, or builds in progress will take priority. Which sounds great to me. The Diablo faithful already go to websites like Diablo Fans to find the best builds for each character. It won’t hurt to toss in some different builds to shake things up. And who knows, we might just like some of them.

You know folks are getting ready to try out outrageous builds in the hopes they get picked. I just hope Blizzard goes out of their way to grab different builds. The die-hard know all about the best builds for each class. Give us something different.

It’s been a couple of months since I fired up Diablo 3. Features like Challenge Rifts will pull me back in. I’ll be jumping on for at least a few Mondays to check out the new Rifts. And to see the crazy times the best Diablo 3 players put up.

Challenge Rifts are coming as part of Patch 2.6.0. Still no word on when Blizzard plans to release it.

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