All that awesome support Battlefield 4 keeps getting? Yep, that’s DICE Los Angeles. And all that hard work could pay off.

EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund told IGN that it’s “highly likely” that DICE LA will lead their own projects soon.

Soderlund added, “when you start something new, sometimes it’s actually good for them to test the waters, try a couple of expansion packs.”

Soderlund went on to say that DICE LA’s potential project is still a ways off. “You’ve got to have a good idea for a great game before you can make a game, and that takes time.”

Check out the rest of IGN’s article including EA’s CEO echoing Soderlund sentiment about DICE LA.

DICE LA taking care of the Battlefield community

With EA DICE working on Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, DICE LA has been tasked with taking care of the Battlefield community. And they have done a nice job doing it.

Besides delivering expansion packs for Battlefield Premium, DICE LA has also partnered with the Battlefield community to continue delivering the best Battlefield 4 possible. This partnership culminates with the release of Battlefield 4 Community Operations.

Battlefield 4 Operation Outbreak

The highlight of Battlefield 4 Community Operations is the Operation Outbreak map. DICE LA set up some basic guidelines and then started asking the community questions via polls. Through the series of polls, Operation Outbreak took shape. A medium-sized jungle map with a focus on infantry combat and high destructibility.

Operation Outbreak could have looked a lot different. A desert or mountain locale were also options.

The community decided on much more than just the setting. Points of interest were also voted on, and five major ones made it on the map – Medical Facility, Temple, Ghost Town, Fishing Village, and the Palm Oil Plantation.


Whatever DICE LA ends up working on, I’m pumped to see it. DICE LA has proven they listen to the players. And the players have responded. As I write this, 102,602 people are playing Battlefield 4 on consoles and PC. Constant updates have kept Battlefield 4 interest high. That, and Battlefield 4 is still one of the best shooters out there right now.

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